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1. They said good ___ to each other when they woke up.
8. Did you forget ___? Are you looking for ___? Is there anything I can do to help?
9. ___'s is a famous department store in New York City. It sponsors the big Thanksgiving Day parade.
11. Everyone tries to get a good ___ when they buy something.
12. The regular ___ was $200, but the sale ___ was only $100.
14. Do you have any ___s for me? I'll be happy to answer them.
16. My ___ needs a new heel. I'll take it to a ___ repair shop.
17. Some criminals pretend to be policemen. They show victims a ___ badge. ___ people are not sincere.
18. Before you ___ a computer or TV, compare prices in different stores.
19. If you buy a ___ to work at, you should buy a lamp to put on the ___.
20. A. The weatherman said it would ___ rain later today. We should ___ take our umbrellas with us. B. That's definitely a good idea.


2. My ___ neighbor is always watching me. She should mind her own business.
3. Did you get a ___ deal on those shoes? I hope you didn't pay too much.
4. Sometimes I ___ to people if I don't want them to know something. I don't tell them the truth.
5. JC ___ is a popular department store in the United States. It is as popular as Sears.
6. I don't like ___ shoes. Let me try those. Those shoes cost less than ___ shoes.
7. Did you buy your shoes when they were on ___? That store had a big ___ last week.
10. Those are ___-looking shoes. It's such a ___ day. If you can't say something ___, don't say anything at all.
11. A skirt is like a ___, but a skirt is only the bottom half of a ___. Women wear ___es when the weather is warm enough.
13. ___ gas is cheaper than premium gas. Discount prices are less than ___ prices.
15. Can I try on ___ shoes over there? I'll take ___ shoes off my feet.