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3. Is ___ the month between October and December? Does Thanksgiving occur in ___?
6. The doctor will see you in a few ___s (not in a few seconds; not in a few hours).
7. Are Newsweek and Time two popular U.S. weekly ___s?
9. Was the ___ on the magazine November 17, 2008?
12. Not ___ in the country was happy. Millions of people were unhappy because they voted for the other guy.
13. He took a ___ in the waiting room and opened a magazine.
16. The ___ asked him if he had an appointment with the doctor. He told her yes.
17. Even ___ news is new if you haven't heard it yet. A doctor's office often has a lot of ___ magazines in it.
18. Most people like to listen to the ___ on the radio or watch the ___ on TV.
19. You often have to call several days ahead to schedule an ___ with a doctor.


1. ___s are admired and respected all over the world. ___s heal sick and injured people.
2. If you want to read ___ ___s, you should read today's ___spaper, not last week's ___spaper.
4. Barack Obama looks like a ___ man, but his mother was white. Tiger Woods is also half ___.
5. Some news is very ___; some news is less ___; some news is just plain boring.
6. The magazine was a year old, but he didn't ___ reading it. It still had interesting news in it. Would you ___ passing me the salt?
8. Barack Obama was on the cover of Newsweek and ___ magazines. Obama spent a lot of ___ and money running for president.
10. Is Barack Obama the first black ___ of the United States?
11. All the Democrats in the United States were very ___ that Obama was the new president.
14. Did the receptionist say ___ to him when he walked into the doctor's office?
15. He ___ed in on the form and printed the time of his appointment.