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2. Put the poop into a ___ bag and throw the bag away.
4. Picking up poop is ___ than doing homework. Doing homework is better than picking up poop.
7. You can't walk the dog inside. You have to walk the dog ___.
9. Most dogs like to pee next to a ___. Some dogs like to poop next to a ___.
10. Put on your sweater or jacket if it's ___ outside.
13. You can put dog poop into paper bags or ___ bags.
14. His mom ___ed at him to take the dog for a walk.
18. How can I finish doing my ___ if I have to walk the dog?
19. A dog leash goes around a dog's ___.


1. The dog was scratching at the ___. It wanted to go out.
3. He put the dog ___ around the dog's neck.
5. He used the plastic ___ to put the poop into the plastic bag.
6. Did you ___ what I said? I said take the dog for a walk. Listen to me.
8. The dog ___ed at the door because it wanted to go out.
11. Tommy didn't have to take the cat for a walk. He had to take the ___ for a walk.
12. Would you ___ take the dog for a walk? ___ do it right now. Thank you.
14. ___! Poop looks bad! Poop smells bad! Double ___!
15. His ___ yelled at him to take the dog for a walk.
16. He used a plastic shovel to put the dog's ___ into the plastic bag.
17. He ___ed outside so he could take the dog for a ___.