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2. Do you have a ___? I need to ask you a quick question.
3. ___ products include butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and milk.
5. Go to the ___ section of the supermarket for fresh fruits and vegetables.
6. The sale price is what the ___ price used to be! Now the ___ price is three times what it used to be.
7. His refrigerator and kitchen cabinets were almost ___, so he went shopping.
8. The ___ of the store is where the registers and the junk food are.
9. He ___ed all the produce so he knew how much it would cost.
11. He opened the ___ of his car so he could all his groceries inside.
13. It was his ___ day--apples were only a dollar a pound.
17. He bought the ___s when they were green, but they turned yellow two days later.
19. He used the ___ wipe to wipe the germs off the shopping cart handle.
21. The fresh produce ___ is a very popular ___ of any supermarket.
22. He ___bed an alcohol wipe and wiped the handle of the shopping cart.


1. He grabbed an alcohol ___ and ___d the cart handle to kill the germs.
2. There was almost no food in his refrigerator or his kitchen cabinets, so he drove to the ___.
4. Bugs Bunny loves orange ___s, but most kids hate ___s and all other vegetables.
6. He checked his ___ to see what the store had charged him for the carrots.
10. A ___ of milk is almost $4; it used to be only $3. A quart of milk is $1.25.
12. The ___ store used to charge a ___ for a six-pack of soda. Now you pay a ___ for a four-pack!
14. The 99 ___ store had to raise all its prices to 99.9 ___ (a dollar).
15. A shopping ___ is necessary if you are going to buy a lot of groceries.
16. Granny Smith apples are only $1 a ___; the regular price is $1.80 a ___.
18. He walked over to the ___ where all the shopping carts were kept.
20. The ___ger put all her groceries into six plastic ___s.