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3. A vegetarian eats eggs and cheese but doesn't eat meat or ___.
5. She used to exercise ___, but now she only exercises every other day.
7. He's a ___ eater; he eats pork, beef, chicken, or turkey every day.
8. There is a restaurant on the ground floor of the ___ building; at lunch time, the ___ workers go downstairs to eat.
9. A ___ animal has a terrible smell, but the flesh will rot away and nothing but bones will remain.
11. If an animal dies in the desert, the ___ will bleach its bones.
13. People who work in ___s have to worry about ___ robbers.
14. It's chilly at dawn, but the rising sun will ___ things up.
15. Dead animals attract lots of ___, ants, and other insects.
16. The diner ___ out the fish bone. He said a fish bone can choke people.
17. People like this restaurant because it ___s so good. You can ___ the food from half a block away.
18. Many people put on a cap or ___ to help shade their eyes from the bright sun.
20. The two couples sat in the booth ___ each other.
21. An ___, or a smell, can be good or bad. Most people like the smell of fresh-baked bread.
24. A ___ doesn't eat meat or fish, but does eat eggs and cheese.


1. KFC, or Kentucky Fried ___, serves crispy ___ wings, legs, and breasts.
2. There is usually a stop light or a couple of stop signs at an ___.
4. You can buy a ___ at McDonald's but not at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
6. When you lift the ___ of a dumpster, you never know what you will see inside.
10. Trash trucks drive around a big city almost every day to pick up and empty the ___s.
12. ___ and dogs are America's favorite pets. (There are at least 60 million of each!)
13. --Does this apple look fresh? --Yes, but let me take a ___ out of it to see for sure.
15. 'The spirit is willing, but the ___ is weak.' People say this when they can't stop eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, or drinking alcohol.
19. KFC is on the northwest ___ of the intersection; it is opposite the bank.
20. I don't need to borrow your fork; I'll get my ___ fork at the counter by the register.
22. I had three ___s today--breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They all included chicken.
23. I was enjoying the meal until my wife told me I was eating pig brains--then I almost ___ged.