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2. Grind the coffee beans, and you will have fresh-___ coffee.
4. She ___ed the fresh hot coffee into a large cup.
5. The ___s that you read on a bag of coffee are usually the same.
7. Great coffee starts with great coffee ___s. Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia grow many ___s.
9. Your coffee cup isn't ___. Let me fill it up for you.
10. Some people keep their coffee beans cold, either in the refrigerator or the ___.
11. She ___ed the button on the grinder to start grinding the beans.
14. ___ the used filter into the trash.
15. She sealed the ___ of coffee beans tightly.
17. She sat down at the dining room ___ and sipped on her coffee.
18. He watched the hot water ___ out of the bottom of the plastic cone.


1. Put the paper filter into the plastic ___, and then put ground coffee into the filter.
2. To grind your coffee, buy your own ___ or use a ___ at the supermarket.
3. In summer, many people prefer drinking iced coffee to ___ coffee.
6. Which beverage do more people drink--tea or ___?
8. This is the ___ coffee I have ever tasted! Please tell me how you make it.
10. The paper ___ fits into the plastic cone.
11. She used a ___ spoon to put some sugar in her cup of coffee.
12. She took a ___ of the hot coffee.
13. This coffee shop ___s fresh beans for coffee every day.
16. She ___ her coffee beans in her freezer to keep them fresh.