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3. If a TV show lasts five ___s, it is a success. Many new TV shows only last one ___.
4. Take this compass with you into the woods so you won't get ___.
7. I bought a new portable DVD player, but I can't open this plastic ___ without a pair of strong scissors.
8. It is ___ to make copies of most DVDs or CDs. (Don't break the law!)
10. The DVD tray slid out. I put the DVD onto the tray, and pushed the tray ___ into the player.
11. The back of an airline seat has a food ___. A DVD player has a DVD ___.
17. Many electronic devices have a ___ control. Just point and click.
18. Digital TV signals produce a sharp and clear TV ___ (usually).
19. ___ is the popular abbreviation for television.
20. A DVD tray ___s out so you can put the DVD in the tray, and then it ___s back into the DVD player.
21. She ___ed the remote at the TV so that she could change the channel.


1. After too many commercials, the movie finally ___ to play.
2. This is a nice ___ you have; you must like living here.
5. As I was ___ before you interrupted me, I can't find the new DVD. Do you know where it is?
6. Commercials ___ every 15 minutes on a regular TV show.
9. Flat-___ TVs are very popular because they are not bulky.
12. Police chase criminals and ___ them when they catch them.
13. Most ___ like to spend time with their family and friends.
14. ___ is the abbreviation for Federal Bureau of Investigation.
15. She pushed all the ___s on the DVD player, but nothing happened. The remote didn't work, either.
16. If you push the button for Subtitles or Captions, you will see ___ on the bottom of your screen.