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2. I ___ for my drink and gave the bartender a tip.
3. I accidentally ___ my finger on the gas stove.
5. Did you see that man ___ the glass of whiskey at the mirror? He broke the glass and the mirror.
6. I need another ___; I'm going to ___ a lot tonight, because I want to get drunk.
8. You must be ___ if you think I'm going to let you drive home; you're totally drunk.
9. I'm ___ you finally stopped drinking. You were becoming an alcoholic.
12. The night ___ closed because there were too many drunks starting fights every weekend.
13. He put both his ___ around the bottle of whiskey. Was he worried someone was going to take his bottle?
15. He lit the ___ with his lighter and then blew smoke out of his mouth.
16. He threw gasoline on her pretty ___ and lit a match. She covered her ___ with her hands and started screaming.


1. ___ clubs are popular places to go drinking and dancing.
2. Did you park your car in the ___ lot on the corner?
3. Her face was burnt ___. Doctors say she will need skin transplants.
4. The bartender ___ed some more whiskey into my glass.
7. He took off his heavy ___ and tried to put out the fire with it.
8. She likes to go dancing at night ___s. She goes out every weekend.
10. A sexy ___ can make good money dancing at a night club on weekends.
11. Many criminals use ___ to start fires.
14. Strike the ___ and use it to light my cigarette, please.