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1. The big cat scratched the man's face, neck, and both his ___.
3. I carry water and food in my ___ when I hike in the mountains.
7. ___ your backpack in front of you to defend yourself against an animal.
8. I love to hike on mountain ___s.
9. Don't say a ___; maybe the animal won't hear us.
10. The woman ___ed at the mountain lion, and it turned and ran away.
13. A mountain lion is a ___ animal, especially when it is hungy.
19. Try to use your cell phone to call for ___ if you get into trouble.
20. There are many hungry ___ lions in the ___s in California, so be very careful when you go hiking.
21. His ears were ___ing because the big cat scratched both of them.
22. He tried to dial 911 on his cell ___, but he couldn't reach anyone.


2. She ___ on the phone that a big cat had attacked her on the mountain trail.
4. A ___ phone is a handy thing to have in case of an emergency.
5. Mountain lions ___ a few people every year in the mountains of California.
6. Did you hear that ___? It ___ed like an animal in the bushes.
7. Oh, my goodness! What ___ed to you? Your clothes are torn and your face is bleeding.
11. The mountain lion opened its ___ and roared; we ran as fast as we could.
12. Hush! I think I heard a sound in those ___es near that tree. It might be a rabbit, or a snake, or a big cat.
14. We should look ___ carefully, to make sure nothing is following us.
15. If anything attacks us, we must ___ out of the way and start running as fast as we can.
16. We were walking ___ when we heard the noise in the bushes; we turned around and started walking downhill quickly.
17. I just heard a very ___ sound; it sounded like a wild animal. Let's turn around and get out of here.
18. Mountain ___s are disappearing in California because they can't find enough food to survive.