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3. You need enough money for a down ___ if you are going to buy a house.
5. A house will cost you a lot of time and ___ over the years.
7. Would you rather ___ in a house or an apartment?
8. Cities aren't safe because too many criminals have ___s, knives, and other weapons.
10. People go to ___ on Sunday to pray for peaceful, healthy, and happy lives.
13. I don't want to buy that house; I want to buy the ___ one.
14. Give the ___ your money, and she will give you your receipt.
15. I'll have a bowl of chicken noodle ___, please.
16. The ___ payment on this house will be $30,000.
17. I don't want a 2-story house; I want only one ___, so I don't have to walk up and down stairs.
18. My new house is near a ___; I don't have to go far to buy all my groceries.


1. Your new ___ is beautiful. How much was the down payment?
2. The ___ who live next door are very good neighbors.
3. I ___ed a lot of doorbells and met a lot of my new neighbors.
4. The ___ of the supermarket said he would give me a refund on this item.
6. We found a house that we can live in ___ for the rest of our lives.
9. It's such a ___ neighborhood; we never hear sirens or car horns or loud music.
10. Do you want to buy a house on a ___ lot? A ___ lot gets traffic noise from two streets.
11. A happy ___ is a ___ who shops at the same store week after week.
12. Why are you ___ing so loud? I can hear you if you speak normally.
15. A criminal doesn't think twice about ___ing someone with a gun.