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2. You don't ___ me, do you? You were my fourth grade teacher 20 years ago. I have changed, but you still look about the same.
6. Young ___s and actresses want to become rich and famous.
7. I don't ___ what you think; I'm going to do what I want.
8. She was young and ___; everyone knew she would become an actress.
10. Your new diet should help you lose about four ___ a month.
14. No rock band is more ___ than The Beatles; no golfer is more ___ than Tiger Woods.
15. I can't afford to ___ any more weight; my doctor said more weight will be bad for my heart.
18. You weigh ___ much because you eat ___ much and you sit around on your big butt ___ much.
19. I'm not going to tell you how much I weigh; that's personal and ___ information. It will never be public information.
20. They were married for 12 years before they finally got ___d. He said she was too fat for him.
21. I love my ___, but I wish he would go on a diet. His weight might cause health problems for him. I am his wife, and I want a healthy ___.


1. Make sure you keep the receipt in case you want to ___ this diet book.
3. Do you want to weigh less? It's very simple--___ less and exercise more.
4. Hawaii is a group of tropical ___s full of delicious pineapples and avocados.
5. I ___ to lose weight, but I don't ___ to exercise or eat less.
9. Young people who want to become famous actors often move to ___, California.
11. If you don't ___ on your diet, you will gain weight.
12. Fans often ask actors and athletes for their ___s: "Please sign my hat. Please sign this book."
13. I can't stay on this diet ___; it's not working for me. I'll find another diet that works better.
14. It's okay to say that someone is thin, but don't say that someone is ___.
16. The ___ married the actor after they starred in the same movie.
17. ___ is another word for thin or slender. Most people would rather be ___ than fat.