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2. I sent her a get ___ card after I heard she was in the hospital.
5. People in the hospital often receive many ___s and flowers.
6. I will ___ you how to be a good skier.
7. A good ___ shows his patients that he cares about them.
9. ___ day we will have a lot of money and I will take you on a vacation around the world.
10. There's nothing like a good belly ___ to cheer you up a bit.
13. I don't feel good, ___ I won't see a doctor until I'm really sick.
14. Did you ___ have a bad fever and sweat in bed all night long?
15. A doctor can help you if you ___ your leg, but not if your boyfriend ___s your heart.
17. People love to go ___ in the mountains in the wintertime.
18. Skiers often end up in the ___ with broken legs or arms.
19. I have a ___ with my ski instructor; he is so handsome!


1. A broken leg will ___ in a couple of months; a broken heart might not ever heal.
2. The two skiers got married; their ___ was at the ski resort.
3. This is ___ weather we are having; it's supposed to be cold, but it's warm enough to go swimming.
4. Do you see that man and woman over there? I don't know ___, but I've seen ___ at the ski lodge.
8. You married your ski instructor? That's great! I'm so ___ for you!
11. I met my ___ at a ski resort. I fell in love with him, and we got married six months later.
12. He had a great ___. He loved to ski, and he died with his skis on.
13. I ___ you some hot coffee to keep you warm after you finish skiing.
16. My wife is a skier, and next week is her birthday. I want to buy her a nice birthday ___.