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2. The drunk driver didn't hear the siren or see the ___ing lights of the police car.
5. Sometimes drunk people ___ up in the back seats of police cars.
7. Don't ___ out of your car unless the cop tells you to ___ out.
9. Cops wear gloves when they have to ___ people or evidence.
10. If you stand ___ me, I will protect you.
12. The ___s were easy to see on the glass that the criminal drank from.
15. A ___ has a hard job; he or she arrests criminals almost every day.
17. The drunk had no sense of ___; he couldn't even stand up without falling over.
19. I'll ___ you $10 that the driver of that car is drunk.
20. I feel ___; everything is spinning around.
21. If you exceed the ___ limit, you will get a ___ing ticket.


1. The cops put the criminal into the back ___ of the police car.
3. I heard the ___ of the police car and pulled over so the police car could pass me by.
4. The speed limit on the freeway is 65 ___.
6. When you hear fire or police sirens, you should ___ over to the side of the road.
8. A police car has a powerful ___ so that it can catch speeding cars.
9. That drunk can't stand up; he keeps ___ing over like he's going to fall down.
11. ___ knows that you shouldn't drink and drive.
13. Can you close your eyes and touch your ___ when you're drunk?
14. A cop ___ when someone has been drinking because he can smell the alcohol.
16. It was a very ___ crash when the two cars hit each other.
18. The drunk was driving 30 mph over the speed ___.
19. Many people think that it's okay to drink ___ and then drive because ___ isn't as strong as wine or whiskey.