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1. That is ___ the best idea you've ever had! And it's so simple too!
5. Inventors come up with great ___s to make something new or make something better.
7. Children ___ from hunger every day all over the world.
8. Yesterday I ___ my car to the gas station to get some gas.
9. If you don't ___ questions, how will you ever learn?
11. Many people do the ___ thing day after day at their jobs.
12. An animal "on its last ___s" is about to die.
13. A baby will ___ if it's hungry or in pain.
15. The ___ thing a loving husband wants to do is make his wife cry.
18. A ___ goes to school to learn how to fix injured or ill animals.
19. I don't like Bob; I won't ever ask ___ for help or advice.
20. ___ those groceries into the trunk so we can drive home.


2. I'm not going to the party; ___, I'm going to spend a quiet evening at home.
3. I have swelling in both my ___; the doctor says I need to stand up and walk around more.
4. She ___ the empty can of gasoline one mile to the nearest gas station; then she filled it up and ___ it back to her car.
6. My sister and I don't get ___ very well; we haven't talked in several years.
10. An adult female cat will often have four or more baby ___s in one litter.
11. My wife gets very ___ to her stomach sometimes; the doctor says that it is from stress.
14. Everything that is alive today will ___ sometime in the future.
16. Superman isn't ___ of anything except kryptonite.
17. If you are patient and ___ long enough, you will see many things change.
18. The ___ gave my dog a shot and charged me only $25 for it.