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3. He took some cash out of his ___ and gave it to the cashier.
4. The TV offer ___s next week, so buy the product now or it will be too late.
5. You are ___ if you think you can swim all the way around the island of Manhattan.
6. Humans are killing all the plants and___s on the planet.
8. Manhattan ___, Staten ___, and Long ___ are all in New York.
11. If you need a new driver's license, take the elevator to the ___ on the 8th floor.
12. We had very ___ weather in June and July--it rained almost every day. That was unusual.
13. Do the ___ that you can do--that is all that anyone can ask you to do.
14. The birthday party her friends gave her was a big ___ for her. She was very ___d.
18. ___ owns the red Honda parked in the driveway?
19. The liquore store takes ___ only--no credit cards, no checks.
20. That's a great TV ___; I watch it every week.


1. What ___ed to your car? Did you have an accident?
2. I don't need to go inside the bank; I'll just use the ___ outside.
5. The police ___ ended when the criminal crashed his car into a tree and died instantly.
7. They made a mistake on her new driver's ___; she had to stand in line again at DMV.
9. If you ___, quit now. If you don't ___, don't start. You'll get lung cancer.
10. The stock market ___ed, and investors lost most of their money.
12. If a TV show lasts five ___s, it will also make lots of money in reruns.
15. People don't use film anymore; everyone takes digital ___s of their family and friends.
16. Sometimes you can ___ out a very small fire in the woods with just your feet.
17. Write a letter, ___ put the letter in an envelope, ___ put a stamp on the envelope, and ___ mail it.