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2. The cigarette smoker blew a ___ of smoke into the air.
5. Don't ___ the smoke from someone's lit cigarette; hold your breath and walk away.
6. The waiter ___ed cold water into the customer's glass.
7. I don't have my lighter; do you have a lighter or a ___ to light my cigarette?
8. I need a cold drink; take some ice ___s out of the icetray in the freezer.
9. You shouldn't drink or gulp good wine; you should ___ it slowly and enjoy the scent and taste.
10. Use your hands to ___ that sheet of paper in half and give me one-half.
11. If a smoker doesn't ___, he won't bother others with his smoke. (Inhale it, but don't ___ it!)
12. Smokers use sidewalks, streets, and lawns as their ___s for all their ashes and butts.
14. I can't ___; my final exam is tomorrow. I am so nervous.
17. An ice cube ___s at the top of the water in a glass.
18. Coke and Pepsi are the two most popular ___s in the world.


1. I heard someone ___ping at my window, but I didn't see anyone.
3. The big pimple on her nose finally ___ed after about a week; she was so happy.
4. A few soap ___s floated in the air above the sink full of soapy water and dirty dishes.
7. He took a match out of the ___ and lit his cigarette.
8. ___s should be illegal all over the world; they stink and they cause lung cancer.
13. The cop ___ed at the man because he was standing in the middle of the busy street.
15. The man yelled at the top of his ___; we heard him a block away.
16. Phew! Does an open sewer or a dead animal ___ more than cigarette smoke?