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1. The President gave an important ___ to the entire nation; everyone listened.
5. A little bird won't do much damage to a big jet ___.
6. Plane crashes are rare; it's very safe to ___.
7. The ___ of New York City is a billionaire; he works for $1 a year.
8. The passengers ___ out of the plane after it landed in the water.
12. Six passengers were on the plane when it landed on the highway, but not even one was ___.
13. New York City gets a ___ of A+ for its friendly and helpful residents, but a ___ of C for its prices.
15. ___ boats arrived at the accident scene quickly, but the plane and the helicopter had already sunk to the bottom of the Hudson River.
17. Many people who were on ___ and on the river saw the plane crash into the helicopter.
18. The crash was on national and local radio and TV ___ for the next couple of days.
19. The man who threw the dog out the fifth floor window was charged with ___ cruelty.
20. On the plane, the ___ behind me kept hitting the back of my seat until I told him to stop.


2. How could the ___ and the co___ land that big plane in the river without hurting one passenger?
3. The pilot is a ___ to thousands, if not millions, of Americans. Everyone thinks he is so brave.
4. They called it the ___ on the Hudson: the pilot and copilot saved the lives of all the passengers by landing safely in the Hudson River.
9. The passengers climbed off the wings of the plane and onto the nearby ___s in the river.
10. No one ___ when the plane landed in the river; no one was even injured.
11. Sometimes a bad accident turns a person into a ___. He cannot function anymore; he cannot move or talk.
13. The mayor of New York City should run for state ___ after he finishes as mayor.
14. They suspected that all nine people were ___ after the plane and the helicopter crashed and fell into the river.
15. Just west of Manhattan Island is the Hudson ___, and just east of it is the East ___.
16. New York City has a huge Thanksgiving Day ___ every year.