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1. Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine is famous for saying, "What, Me ___?"
5. A flea is a little ___ that lives on cats, dogs, and other animals.
6. A ___, or cock___, is an ugly insect that lives in kitchens.
7. The ___ ignored my complaint about all the bugs in my apartment.
8. I think all the roaches in my apartment are coming from the people who ___ next door.
10. Something ___s in this house! It smells like there's a dead animal in the attic.
12. I smell ___; are you sure your oven and stove are working properly?
13. Don't ___ your apartment with this bug ___ unless you leave all the windows wide open.
15. There are food stains on your ___top; I see spaghetti sauce and egg yolk. You should be more careful when you cook.
17. This store is for ___s only; kids under 18 are not allowed.
18. She gets migraine ___s almost every weekend; aspirin doesn't help.


1. Do you know ___ I left my keys? I can't find them any___.
2. Give me a box of pasta from the kitchen ___ and I'll make us a nice dinner.
3. New York City has many tall ___s, but the tallest is the Empire State ___.
4. I can't believe you ate that ___ box of candy! Why didn't you save a little for me?
9. The bug company covered the entire house with a big ___ and sprayed everywhere in the house.
11. --I lost my job. --___ too bad. I hope you find another one soon.
12. --I got a new job! --That's great news. I'm happy for you.
13. If you can ___ this problem for me, I'll be very thankful.
14. The ___s from a fire can spread rapidly if it gets windy.
15. If you throw a stone into a lake, it will quickly ___ to the bottom.
16. Preheat the ___ to 350 degrees, and then put the turkey in the ___.