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1. I like to drink ___ at breakfast--orange, apple, tomato, or cranberry ___.
4. I've had that cheap Ginsu ___ for about 20 years now--it's still as sharp as ever. Amazing!
8. The power went out for 12 hours, and I had to throw out almost everything that was in my ___.
9. Most kitchens have ___ and sugar in the cabinet.
10. The humidity has clogged up all the little holes in the salt ___.
11. Put the sugar ___ out on the table so that our guests can add their own sugar.
13. The steak slid off the ___. But the waiter put it back on the ___ and brought it to the customer.
17. What was life like before we had a ___ in every kitchen? Heating, cooking, and reheating took forever!
18. Put the bread in the ___ and when it pops out we can put butter on the toast.
21. Campbell's is the world's largest ___ manufacturer. It makes many different kinds of ___--chicken noodle, potato, tomato, vegetable, mushroom, pea, and more.
22. The ___ plant did not clean its equipment properly, and many people got sick from eating ___ butter.


2. A ___ of cigarettes contains 10 packs; each pack contains 20 cigarettes.
3. I can't get the lid off this ___ of pickles. Can you help me?
5. At the dinner table, you will see a ___, spoon, and knife beside your plate.
6. The politician hid $100,000 in stolen cash in his ___; it was "cold cash."
7. Turn on the bedside ___ so I can read a little before I go to sleep.
11. Manufacturers add artificial flavor to margarine so that it tastes almost like ___.
12. He ate the whole fresh ___ of bread because he was hungry and because it smelled so good.
13. What is better than watching a great movie while eating a big bowl of hot buttered ___?
14. The microwave is on the kitchen ___ between the toaster and blender.
15. I'll have a grape ___ and a bag of potato chips.
16. She'll have a glass of cold milk and a big chocolate chip ___.
19. One table___ of butter equals 100 calories. (Butter is delicious but fattening.)
20. The microwave won't work unless you ___ it in; someone must have un___ged it yesterday.