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    14    15    16        


1. Let me know ___ you're ready to go.
3. Just give ___ a call if you want to borrow my ladder.
6. The Star-Spangled Banner is our ___ anthem, but few people know all the words.
9. Life is easier for people who are good at solving ___s.
10. I always read the sports ___ of the newspaper first. Which ___ do you read first?
12. Of course I'll drive you to the airport--that's what ___s are for, to help one another out.
13. Did you hear the ___? That famous singer died of a drug overdose.
15. It seems that ___ murders today occur because of drugs.
17. New York is the Empire ___, Georgia is the Peach ___, and California is the Golden ___.
18. Can you imagine a book without paper ___s? Try the electronic Kindle from Amazon.com.
19. Excuse me. Would you please get up? You're sitting in ___ seat.


2. Almost ___ time I go into my bathroom, the phone rings!
4. People will pay a lot of money for ___--they like to go to movies, ball games, Disney World, Six Flags, and Universal Studios.
5. New York ___ is the greatest ___ in the world. Visit the ___ and you will agree.
7. The New York Times ___ costs $5 for the Sunday edition.
8. If you ___ your wife, you will treat her with respect and devotion.
11. It's none of my ___, but do you know that your zipper is open?
14. I usually listen to FM stations on my ___ because the reception is better.
16. Your life is a long ___. Each day you live is a short ___. Tell your ___, and people will listen.
17. That was a very ___ story about the little boy who lost his mother.