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2. ___s walk along ocean beaches and fly over them looking for fish to eat.
5. I wasn't ___ a good time at the beach party, so I left.
7. Are you through swimming? Here's a clean ___ to dry yourself with.
11. I called my best ___ to see if she wanted to go to the beach with me.
12. Pelicans dive into the ocean and get soaking ___ when they try to catch fish.
13. Many people go to the beach during the summer and swim in the ___.
14. A dog will ___ its whole body to dry off after it gets wet.
15. If you go to the beach, you will probably bring a little ___ home with you.
17. People enjoy going to the beach on the weekend, even if it's very ___.
18. I had a ___ time at her birthday party; I can't wait until her next birthday.


1. The lifeguards took their ___ out into deep water to search for the missing swimmer.
2. A stone will ___ beneath the water, but it's easy for people to float on the surface.
3. If you ___ to swim in the ocean, you should live near an ocean beach.
4. What is the difference between a ___ and a porpoise? They look very similar.
6. ___ some fresh towels and put them into the beach bag so we can get going.
8. ___s at beaches and pools save thousands of swimmers from drowning each year.
9. I lay in the sun all morning and ___; now I have a bad sunburn.
10. He is a ___ bum; he surfs all day every day, rain or shine.
15. When the ___'s up, you will see a lot of ___ers on their ___boards.
16. He was born in a little ___ in Kansas, but he became a famous surfer.