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1. If you can have fun while you're making ___, you have a great job.
3. There's nothing ___ about these shoes; they are plain looking but they are comfortable.
6. The lawyers talked to the judge before the trial began in the ___.
8. The homeless people go to the ___ at night to get some food and some sleep.
10. Many homeless people live outside on the sidewalk in front of office ___s.
11. If I had a ___ dollars, I would spend $500 on a new TV and $500 on a new computer.
14. If you don't save money over the years and you lose your job, you could become a ___ person.
15. Homeless people wander ___ and there, looking for food or a place to sleep.
17. The police came because the homeless people were blocking the ___.
18. Every big ___ has a population of homeless people.


2. If you have ___ clothes, you should give them to a mission for homeless people.
4. Homeless people sometimes use a ___ as a blanket.
5. The man had no home; he had a few ___ that he kept in a shopping cart.
6. The owner of the apartment building converted all the apartments to ___s.
7. The coffee shop charges only 75 cents for re___s.
8. ___s of people are out of work because of the poor economy.
9. If you don't have a regular ___ to sleep under, you might use a newspaper to keep warm.
12. You can't go ___ if you are a ___less person.
13. A ___ cart is where many homeless people keep all their belongings.
16. The man was pushing the shopping ___ across the street when he was hit by a speeding car.