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2. Her head was pounding; she took two aspirin to help her ___ go away.
4. You usually have to ___ a little while for aspirin to work.
5. You don't like that shirt? Here, ___ on this shirt.
7. If you can wait a ___, I'll show you where the rest room is.
9. Don't take your ___ off that man; I think he is going to try to steal a CD.
11. When you finish your 15-minute ___, the boss wants to see you in his office.
12. Her stomach cancer caused her a lot of ___, but she never complained about how much she hurt.
14. If you go this ___, it will take you 30 minutes to get to the hotel; if you go that ___, it will take you an hour.
16. The doctor can't find the ___ of my constant headache; he thinks it's be___ of stress.
17. If you don't ___ smoking, you will die of lung cancer.


1. What's that book you're ___? I can't see the title.
2. I ___ to bother you, but can you help me find a good hotel?
3. I love to smoke. But of ___ I never smoke in a restaurant; that is rude and illegal.
6. I ___ smoke a cigarette after I eat a meal.
8. The weatherman said it would rain later ___. It's beginning to get cloudy now.
10. This headache is killing me; I feel like my head is going to ___!
11. Lie on your stomach for 10 minutes; then roll over and lie on your ___.
13. I'm going to be late unless I leave right ___.
15. A year ___ I weighed 160 pounds; now I weigh 170.