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5. I own a 4-door brand new ___ Accord. It's a wonderful car.
7. Some people say that sleeping on the hard ___ instead of a soft bed is good for your back. (How crazy is that?)
8. We found roaches everywhere in the house--from the attic all the way down to the ___.
10. Someone's at home on this cold day--I see smoke coming out of the ___.
14. A ___ is an American-made luxury car.
16. Kids who enjoy riding their ___s also enjoy snowboarding in the winter.
17. A ___ is a popular form of transportation all over the world. All you need is your two feet on the pedals.
18. The fire and police ___s sometimes wake people up at night.
19. In the winter, people like to gather around the ___ in their homes and stay warm.


1. The ___ do a good job most of the time chasing and catching criminals.
2. You will have roaches in your ___ if you don't clean it after cooking.
3. I parked my car in the ___ and stepped into my house.
4. Let's put our heads ___ and see if we can solve this problem.
6. I think we have a squirrel in the ___; I hear little footsteps above when I sit in my living room.
9. I love to play the board game ___, except when I land on "Go Directly to Jail."
11. "___ with Children" was a funny TV about a husband and wife and their two kids.
12. --Did you have a ___ time at the party? --Oh, yes, I had a very ___ time. I'm glad I went.
13. ___ is a popular and challenging board game; if you have a good vocabulary, you often win.
15. There are many snails in my ___; I hope they're not eating all my plants.
16. When you walk up or down ___s, always hold onto the hand rail.