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1. He is the ___ of the party; he makes any party come alive.
4. Most people are ___, but some are rude. Please don't be rude.
6. There were about 6.5 billion ___ on our planet in 2009.
7. You should be proud of all the ___ you spend studying English; you are a good student.
9. Not everyone in my family is ___. Some people in my family are a little weird, a little ab___.
10. Try to ___ rude people and drunk drivers, and your life will be pleasant and long.
12. My ___ came from Sweden. He is my father's dad.
16. ___ when I feel sad, I rent a movie from Blockbuster. ___ the movie makes me feel better, but ___ it doesn't.
17. The Three Stooges have made people ___ all over the world. They are so ridiculous and funny.
18. I'm glad that the police ___ the murderer who killed the 17-year-old girl with his fists.


2. My girl___ fell in love with my best ___. Now I hate them both.
3. If you feel dizzy again, ___ down in bed for at least an hour.
4. Google is the most ___ search engine on the Internet. Everyone loves Google.
5. On your first day in school, everyone is a ___. After a month or two, you start to make friends.
6. Don't go to that ___ of town; it's too dangerous, even in the daytime.
8. The Joker is an ___ person who is Batman's enemy.
11. If you ___ pay the rent, the landlord will kick you out.
13. She ___ed herself by holding her arms in front of her face.
14. Everyone in my ___ is tall and thin and has blue eyes.
15. One person says This, and the other person says That. How do you know which person is telling the ___ and which person is lying?