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1. The ___ is ringing, but no one is answering it.
5. The 8-lane ___ is always too crowded at rush hour. Cars move slowly forward.
6. The car ___ed into the truck because the driver was talking on his cell phone.
8. On a ___ day, paper and leaves are blown all over the place.
9. Laura, I will ___ leave you; we will always be together!
11. Builders use tall, huge ___s to lift steel beams and other heavy construction materials.
12. A hurricane or tornado ___s heavy objects from one place to another.
13. ___less is so much nicer than ___s. All those electric cords are a bother.
14. Is the ___ man's greatest invention? Without ___s, we would have no cars, buses, trains, planes, bicycles, tricycles, or unicycles.
16. A ___ in the hand is worth two in the bush. If you read the paper while you eat, you are killing two ___s with one stone.
17. A harsh word can ___ much more than a slap to the face.


2. Let that be a ___ to you--always look behind you before backing your car up.
3. Take your time; I'm in no ___. I've got plenty of time.
4. This is a ___ intersection; there are accidents here every week.
7. Big rig ___s carry heavy loads on highways all over the country.
8. If the ___ is nice tomorrow, let's play golf.
10. A tornado ___s round and round.
12. A mountain road ___s left and right. You can easily ___ a paper clip.
15. A funny joke causes much ___ter. People ___ at funny jokes.