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1. A good ___ listens to students and answers all their questions.
4. This ___ is too small for a big passenger plane. Only small planes can take off and land at this ___.
5. When you see an iceberg, you only see the ___; most of the iceberg is beneath the water.
8. Would you like your steak cooked well, medium, or ___?
10. The flu is a ___ that comes around every winter. It is much worse than a cold.
13. I don't go out very ___; I prefer to stay home as much as possible.
15. Everyone wants to stay ___; if you get sick, you feel terrible.
18. A ___ line is the shortest distance between two points.
19. Where's the ___? Why are you in such a rush?


2. Even a short visit to the hospital can be very ___. That's why you need health insurance.
3. I was ___ for almost 2 weeks with the flu. It was horrible.
5. Are you ___? Is that why you sat down?
6. Here's the $5 I ___ you. I told you I would pay you back today.
7. I had a ___ about you last night. In the ___, you said that you loved me. That was a nice ___.
9. I love these cookies. Can I have ___ one, please?
11. Did you miss your bus? Don't worry, there's ___ another one.
12. We are ___ out of time. We have to save our planet from global warming.
14. The doctor said that I ___ quit smoking at once.
16. In New York there are ___s everywhere. Just raise your arm, and a ___ driver will pull over and pick you up.
17. The cab driver picked me up at the hotel and ___ped me off at the airport.