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2. On a cold day, if you rub your hands together, they will get ___.
3. If you wear flip-flops, everyone can see your 10 ___s.
7. He ___ up and down the street, but he didn't see his bus.
8. She sat on the ___ in the park and ate a bag of popcorn.
9. I ___ late for work, but you were even later.
11. Men like to look at women with long and pretty ___s.
12. Here, I'll show you how to tie your shoes. Just ___ me, and you'll see how easy it is.
14. He has muscular ___s because he works out at the gym.
16. Everyone ___ up when the President entered the room.
17. Can you please wait a few ___s for me? I'll be ready in just a ___ or two.


1. Animals have good ___s; they can smell things much better than people.
2. Do you know ___ the bus stop is? I need to catch a bus right now.
4. Many people at the beach wear sunglasses, shorts, and ___-___.
5. --Are you ___ to my birthday party next week? --Yes, I will be there.
6. It's a little chilly outside. You should wear a sweater or a light ___.
8. I hate to wait for the ___ at the ___ stop. A taxi is much faster, but it costs more money.
9. Where in the ___ are my keys? I can't find them anywhere.
10. It's too hot to wear long pants today. I'm going to wear my ___.
13. My plane will ___ at LAX at 6:30. Will you pick me up after the plane lands?
15. Men like to look at a woman with long legs and a beautiful face and ___.