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1. I like to go ___ing in the lake. I like to catch ___. I like to cook and eat fresh ___.
3. ___ I heard the phone ring, I picked it up and said hello.
5. Are you ___? If you are, let's go out to eat.
7. A bird has two eyes, two feet, and two ___s.
10. Fresh fish is so ___! I love to eat fresh fish, because it is so tasty.
12. A baby alligator has many sharp little ___. A baby human has no ___.
14. You are six months' pregnant. Do you know if your ___ is a boy or a girl?
16. A baby recognizes the ___ of his mama, because his mama talks and sings to the baby.
17. Give me a ___ of paper so I can write down this message.
18. --Did you hear the baby cry? --No, I didn't hear a ___.


2. ___s are cute little animals that live in trees and collect nuts.
3. Put a wiggling ___ on a hook and you might catch a fish.
4. Squirrels love to eat ___s, and people do too. People love pea___s and wal___s.
6. It might rain, so ___ your umbrella with you.
8. The mama bird sat on the little eggs in the ___ in the tree.
9. I'm hungry. Let's order a big ___ to go with pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes, and bacon.
11. ___ comes from cows and goats. Cheddar ___ and cream ___ are very popular.
13. What kind of ___ do you like best? Do you like bread, or meat, or fish, or fruit?
14. A bird has one tail and one ___. A bird eats with its ___.
15. Is there any butter? I want to put some butter on a piece of ___.