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3. The ___storm damaged cars on the streets. The frozen ___ was the size of golf balls.
4. Grab a pencil and a piece of ___ and write this down.
7. The ___ fell off my shirt. Can you sew it back on?
9. Hail___, rain___, snow___ = lots of hail, rain, and snow. ___y weather.
11. A ___ radio or TV bothers other people. Can you turn it down, please?
12. Not a cloud in the ___. A blue ___. The ___ is overcast.
14. A ___ on the tree changed color, from green to orange. All of them will change color, and then fall to the ground in the fall.
16. Big white ___s in the blue sky moved slowly to the east.
18. It looks like ___. Take your umbrella with you.
19. Did you hear the ___? When there is ___, there is also lightning, so stay inside.


1. Put on your heavy ___ before you go outside. It's cold outside.
2. The wind will ___ all the leaves from your yard into my yard.
5. It's ___ing outside! I've never seen so much rain come down so hard.
6. Turn the ___ up so I can hear the TV. Turn the ___ down so I can't hear your radio.
8. Although many people are afraid of traveling by air,.___ing is much safer than driving.
10. I went up on the ___ of my house to adjust the TV antenna.
11. Thunder can't hurt you, but ___ might kill you. When you hear thunder, get inside.
12. After a winter storm, kids in the north love to build a big ___. They give him a carrot for his nose and big buttons for his eyes.
13. The dam burst, and the valley was ___ed with millions of gallons of water.
15. Daytime is usually noisy, but nighttime is usually ___.
16. If you ___ your ears, you won't hear the thunder.
17. I think it's going to rain. Look at that big ___ cloud coming our way.