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6. You should ___ tell the truth. Never tell a lie.
7. ___ your teeth with a soft tooth___ and toothpaste. Remember to floss.
8. If you are ___ for work too many times, your boss will fire you. Get to work on time.
11. The motorcycle ___ pulled me over and gave me a ticket for speeding.
14. Put a 60-watt bulb into the ___ socket. Then put the ___ on the table.
15. Men ___ hair off their faces. Women ___ their legs and underarms.
16. I got a parking ___ and a speeding ___ on the same day! That's ridiculous!
18. "60 ___s" is a popular TV news show that lasts exactly one hour.
19. Clean off the top of the ___ so we can put dishes on it and eat dinner.


1. If you drive when you are in a ___, you might have an accident. Slow down. Don't rush.
2. I have to go to the ___. Is there a restroom around here?
3. --Why did you ___ the party so early? --I wanted to stay, but I had a headache.
4. Nothing travels ___er than light. Sound travels much slower than light.
5. You cannot climb over the ___s that go around a prison. The ___s are too high.
9. If you have a ___ache, visit a dentist. If you have a backache, visit a doctor.
10. The ___ on the wall says that it is 7:30. It's time to leave.
12. I get ___ed in the morning, and then I get un___ed in the evening. After I un___, I put on my pajamas.
13. That's a nice ___ on your wrist. Does it keep time accurately?
15. The ___ on the door says "Open." Let's go inside this store.
17. This is a ___d test. You only have 30 minutes to take the test. Use your ___ well, so that you don't run out of ___.