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2. A good ___ lives next to you and is friendly and helpful.
5. A ___ grows corn and wheat and raises pigs and cows.
6. A plant cannot ___ without water and sunlight.
8. Food is usually ___, but water has little or no taste.
10. A ___ will grow from a small seed.
12. People keep many different ___s as pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, and snakes.
14. Late summer or early fall is when the farmer ___s his crops. That is when they are mature.
15. A parrot is a talking ___. It talks very loud in its cage.
17. ___ is the season when a farmer plants his crops. Fall is when he harvests his crops.
18. Holy ___! From ___s we get milk and hamburgers and steaks. Moo!


1. ___ on the cob is usually yellow or white. ___ is a delicious vegetable, especially with butter and salt.
3. You can boil, bake, or fry vegetables, or don't cook them at all--just eat them ___.
4. --Is a tomato a ___ or a fruit? --I don't know. I know that an apple is a fruit, and lettuce is a ___.
5. ___ fish and ___ fruit and vegetables are delicious. Food that is not ___ tastes bad.
6. Hamburgers are made from ___ beef. Don't drop your hamburger on the ___, or the dog will eat it.
7. Always stop behind the ___ school bus. Traffic lights are red, green, and ___.
9. The hottest season is ___. The coldest season is winter.
11. A ___ dish is a delicious dish. If a restaurant meal is ___, you will order it again and again.
13. A farmer drives a ___ on his farm to plow the ground for planting.
16. You can ___ a small hole in the ground with a spoon, or a big hole with a shovel.