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3. I saw you fall down. Did you ___ your arm? Where does it ___?
5. Shoulder, ___, elbow, fore___, wrist, hand, fingers.
6. Oil and water do not mix; they remain ___ from each other. Some couples ___ before they divorce.
8. She slapped him with her hand, and then she ___ed him with her fist.
9. The car ___ the old lady in the crosswalk, and then the car ___ another car.
10. Don't ___ at me. It's not polite to ___ or shout at someone.
13. The car ___ed over and over down the hill.
14. Do you want to hear a ___ joke? It will make you laugh.
15. People like to fly ___s on windy days. All you need is a ___ and a roll of string.
17. I have a ___ache. I think it was something I ate.
18. The two dogs growled at each other and then got into a ___.
19. A cat can ___ high up into a tree, but a dog cannot.
20. I don't like him. He ___s about everything. He always starts arguments.


1. Worms usually live in the ___. You can dig them up with a shovel.
2. Some doors say Pull, and some say ___. You can pull a rope, but you cannot ___ it.
4. If you can't ___ the salt shaker on a big table, ask someone to pass it to you.
7. She got ___ at her boyfriend because he didn't call her last night.
11. Why are you ___ing? Did you hear a funny joke?
12. Boxers box, golfers golf, runners run, and wrestlers ___.
16. Be careful if you climb that tree; you might ___ on the ground and hurt yourself.