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3. Kids, please go outside and play in the back ___. You're too noisy in the house.
5. A ___ is a pretty flower with sharp thorns. The sun ___ yesterday morning, and then it set yesterday evening.
7. If I ___ you the ball, will you catch it?
8. Will you ___ me my glasses, please? They're on the kitchen counter.
11. I grow flowers and vegetables in my ___ in the back yard.
14. This isn't a ___ street; it's a dead end. I'll lend you this book when I'm ___ reading it.
16. I ___ you to do your homework before you watched TV. You should do what I tell you to do.
18. The police ___d the speeding car, but the ___ ended when the car crashed.
19. A stamp will not ___ to the envelope if the stamp has no glue.


1. I'm sorry. I ___ for being so late.
2. The engine is in the ___ of the car. The trunk is in the back of the car.
3. Children, please don't ___ and shout. I have a headache.
4. Daisies and roses are ___s. ___s look pretty and smell nice.
6. Park your car at home in your ___ or in your carport.
9. Please ___ a minute. I'll be ready in a second, so just ___.
10. Here is a ___ flower for a ___ girl.
12. Roses are pretty, but be careful, because their ___s are very sharp.
13. Flowers and vegetables are ___s. Cats and dogs are animals.
15. A ___ is a home, but an apartment is also a home.
17. Please leave, and don't ever come ___. I never want to see you again.