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2. ___! That hurt! Don't hit me again!
4. --Do you want to sleep on the top ___ or the bottom ___? --I want to sleep on the upper ___, please.
6. The ___ of the page is above the ___ of the page. A piece of paper has a top, a ___, and two sides.
7. A ___road train. Hold onto the hand___ when you walk up the stairs.
9. The living room ___ is dirty. I will vacuum it. A rug is similar to a ___.
11. Criminals go to ___. A prison is similar to a ___.
13. ___ trying; don't quit. ___ looking for the pencil and you will find it. Did you ever ___ a diary?
15. I keep my jewelry in a ___ deposit box at the bank. Better ___ than sorry. ___ty first!
16. Did you ___ asleep in class? Your head was on the desk. I think I heard you snoring.
17. She is a heavy ___. Nothing wakes her up once she falls asleep.
18. What time did you ___ up this morning? I woke up at 7 a.m.


1. A ___ rail keeps you safe in the top bunk while you're sleeping. A security ___ protects a store.
3. I accidentally ___ the car in front of me. Then the car behind me ___ me.
5. I have a ___ throat. I need to stop talking so much. Maybe a cough drop will help my throat feel better.
8. ___ me alone; don't bother me. If you ___ now, you will get to your place by 7 p.m.
9. A painter ___s up a ladder. A cat ___s up a tree. A mountain ___er must be very careful, or he will fall.
10. When you get to the ___ of the mountain, you have to come back down.
12. I usually fall ___ after I eat dinner. A big meal makes me sleepy.
14. The doctor ___d the patient. When he finished the exam, he said, "You're in good shape."