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1. Some farm animals sleep in a ___. A ___ is a big building on a farm, but it is not a house.
4. I ___ my hands together when they are cold.
6. It's cold in the winter, and ___ in the summer. I drink a cold soda on a ___ day.
7. A ___ of soup. The Rose ___. A ___ing ball. Pour the soup from the pot into the ___.
9. A ___ lives on a farm. A ___ grows corn and wheat. A ___ raises cows and pigs. A ___ has a barn.
11. A ___ of peanuts. Women carry a hand___. Put your hand into the ___ and grab some popcorn.
13. I'm hungry; I want to ___ right now. What did you ___ for lunch?
15. I'm as hungry as a ___. I'm so hungry I could eat a ___. A cowboy rides a ___.
16. That was a good meal; I ___ed it. I ___ a good movie. Do you ___ shopping?
19. I love to eat hot apple ___ with ice cream for dessert. Many people eat pumpkin ___ or pecan ___ at Thanksgiving. A ___ is round and delicious.
20. Would you please give me a ___ to school in your car? It's raining, and I don't want to walk. A cowboy ___s a horse.
21. We will eat dinner after mom ___s dinner. A chef is a ___. You should not eat raw meat; always ___ it first.


2. Sushi is ___ fish; it is not cooked fish. My throat is ___ from yelling too much. A ___ deal is a bad deal.
3. A ___ eggs = 12 eggs. Half a ___ is 6.
5. A tree has a trunk and many ___es. The ___es have leaves.
8. Your feet are connected to your ___s. You use your ___s and feet to walk or run.
10. ___ and butter. Fresh ___ smells good and tastes good. You need ___ to make a sandwich.
11. A snake___ will hurt you. An angry dog might try to chase you and ___ you. Can I have a ___ of your sandwich?
12. Dinner was great! Now, what's for ___? I hope it's chocolate ice cream.
14. My favorite ___ is chicken ___. I love to eat a bowl of hot chicken ___ when it's cold outside or when I feel sick.
17. I can't ___ the box on the top shelf. Can you ___ up there and get it down for me?
18. Do you want chocolate or vanilla ice cream? ___ one or the other. ___ up that piece of paper on the floor, please.