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1. Your ___ is between your head and your shoulders. A giraffe has a long ___.
3. My house has a front yard and a ___ yard. My books are in my ___ pack.
5. Look out the ___; what do you see? My bathroom has a fan, but no ___.
7. Taco ___ is a fast food restaurant. A cow wears a cow ___. Liberty ___. Ring the ___.
9. A wedding ___ is on her finger. An engagement ___. A ___ around the bathtub. Did you hear the phone ___?
10. The sky is ___. The ocean is ___. My eyes are ___. His jeans are ___. A ___berry is ___.
12. We are going ___ in a circle. I'll see you ___. My grandma is ___ 50 years old.
13. I ___ in this chair yesterday. I will sit in this chair tomorrow. I'm sitting in this chair right now.
14. The plane flies ___ the air. The arrow flies ___ the air. The bird flies ___ the air.
16. I hear with my ears. I see with my ___s. Sara has blue ___s. Nancy has brown ___s. Bob has green ___s.
17. Dora ___ at her mother. Her mother ___ at Dora. They were happy to see each other. They didn't cry; they didn't laugh; they just ___.


2. A baby sleeps in a ___. A baby doesn't sleep in a bed. It might fall out of a bed.
3. There are black bears, white bears, and ___ bears. My shoes are ___. Dirt is ___. Many dogs are ___.
4. Don't tell a ___; always tell the truth. You should ___ down in bed when you are sleepy.
6. Birds and planes ___ through the air. Butterflies and dragonflies ___ through the air. Dogs and cats walk on the ground.
7. An insect flies, a plane flies, a kite flies, and a ___ flies. A robin is a ___. An eagle is a ___. A pigeon is a ___.
8. The bird ___ from the tree to the roof yesterday. The bird will fly from the tree to the roof tomorrow. The bird is flying from the tree to the roof right now.
9. I cannot ___ the top shelf. The shelf is too high. I am too short. I need a stool. I need a stepladder.
11. People ___ hands when they meet. ___ well before using. Don't ___ a can of soda.
15. Your ___ is on top of your neck. Your hair is on your ___. Watch your ___! ___s up! A coin has 2 sides--___s and tails.