88. He Climbs Trees

“It’s time to go to bed,” Danny’s mom . “But I’m not sleepy,” Danny complained. He wasn’t because he had taken a nap before dinner. had slept for almost one hour. Before his , he was in the park. He liked to to the park. The park was full of . He loved to climb the trees. His mom him not to climb the trees. He might and hurt himself. He didn’t obey his mom. was fun to climb trees. It was fun climb higher and higher. It was fun to taller than adults. It was fun to look on the adults. One time he found a ’s nest. It was empty. He would visit it in spring time. Maybe baby birds would be the nest. Danny always went to the park school. The trees in the park were like second home to him. His mom said that he was part monkey. He kissed his mom said good night. Once in bed, he counted so that he could go to sleep.