84. Daddy Is Watching

“Let’s go to the beach, Daddy,” Susan suggested. “ sounds like a good idea,” her daddy replied. was a hot, sunny day. The ocean was two blocks away. Susan went into her room. put on her swimsuit. She grabbed a big towel. She put on a hat and grabbed sunglasses. She put on her flip-flops. “I’m ready, ,” she said. “Do you have any sunscreen?” he . “No, I forgot. Where is it?” she asked. told her it was in the top drawer the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and the drawer. “I’ve got it,” she said. They outside. The sun was bright. Susan put on sunglasses. She loved to wear her sunglasses. They her look like an adult. She gave the towel to her dad. She grabbed her dad’s and they started walking. Ten minutes later they at the beach. It was crowded. Dad found spot. He put the beach towel on the . Susan took off her hat and sunglasses. She into the water. Dad watched her play in water. She was having fun. Suddenly a wave her over. She went under water. Dad ran the water. He pulled her up. “Daddy, I drowned,” Susan said. “No, you didn’t,” he said. “ wave only knocked you over. Don’t worry. I’m you.”