69. Popcorn

The loaf of bread is next to the of peanut butter. The bag of peanuts is to the carton of milk. The plate of is next to the bowl of chicken soup. cup of coffee is next to the glass juice. The fork is next to the spoon. knife is next to the salt shaker. The shaker is next to the pepper shaker. The is in the carton. The water is in glass. The coffee is in the cup. The is in the bowl. The milk is in refrigerator. The soda is in the refrigerator. The cream is in the freezer. The lamp is the table. The toaster is on the kitchen . The toaster is plugged in. The microwave is the kitchen counter. But the microwave isn’t plugged . Someone unplugged the microwave. Who unplugged the microwave? will plug it in. I want to eat popcorn. I want some hot popcorn. I will in the microwave. I will eat hot popcorn drink a cold soda.