65. My Dad

I love my dad. He was a good . He taught me to work hard. He taught to keep trying. He taught me to do right or don’t do them at all. He up on the streets of New York City. parents didn’t speak English. He had three brothers one sister. His brothers ended up in jail. sister died in a car crash. My dad my mom when they were both 19. My joined the army. He jumped out of airplanes. he became a military policeman. He did this 20 years. He liked his job. He was hard worker. He went to college while he in the army. He got two college degrees. college degree is good. Two college degrees is good. He retired from the army and became teacher. He taught high school kids. He taught school kids for 20 years. He had a of patience. Teachers need a lot of patience. my dad retired. He traveled around the world my mom. They both died in a plane . That was bad. But they died together. That good.