24. Hungry Birds

The baby bird was in his nest. He in his nest with his sister. Their nest high up in the tree. They were waiting mama bird. Mom always brought them food. They hungry. When would mom come home? Would she them a worm? Would she bring them a ? Would she bring them a piece of bread? would mom bring them? They looked at the . The squirrel looked at them. The squirrel put nut in their nest. The birds looked at nut. How could they eat a nut? They ’t have strong teeth. The squirrel has strong teeth. baby birds had no teeth. They had beaks, no teeth. They heard mom. They knew her . They knew the sound of her wings. She them some food. It was still warm. It delicious. It was pizza. It was pizza with . Baby birds love pizza with cheese. They were happy. How delicious!