11. Boys Will Be Boys

The two brothers loved each other. But sometimes argued with each other. Sometimes they yelled at other. Sometimes they pushed each other. Sometimes they each other. Sometimes they got into a fight each other. Bobby was the older brother. Billy the younger brother. Bobby was older than Billy. was younger than Bobby. Bobby climbed into a . His kite was in the tree. He could reach his kite. He fell out of the . Billy laughed. He laughed when he saw Bobby to the ground. Bobby was not hurt. But was angry. “Why are you laughing?” he asked . “That was funny!” Billy said. Bobby said it ’t funny. Billy said it was funny. Bobby pushed . Billy pushed Bobby. Bobby punched Billy in the . Billy punched Bobby in the stomach. They put arms around each other. They wrestled on the . They rolled around and around. Their mom came . “What are you two doing?” she asked. She them. She said, “You shouldn’t hit each other. ’s not nice. Wait till your father gets home.” sent them to their rooms.