100. To See a Psychic

Cloze Test

Scott was always curious about what he would like in the future. Would he be rich successful? Would he have a family? Would he at a young age? He told his friends wanted to see a psychic. They laughed at and told him that psychics are just trying take money away from customers who are too to realize that they are being tricked. Scott from embarrassment.

Scott didn't care about what they . He went to see a psychic nearby. The was dark and small. There were a lot pretty pictures of mountains and sunsets. The psychic a 40 year-old woman who was short and . She wore a light orange dress with elegant . She had a crystal ball right in front her. "I'm Sharon. What do you want to about today?" she asked. "I want to know my career and family," he said.

She rubbed crystal ball with both of her hands and her eyes. "I see money, a lot of ," she said. Scott was happy to hear this. ", I also see a divorce. You will be for awhile but then you will have a argument about money," she said. Scott's smile turned a frown. Scott told his parents about what psychic told him. "Son, you have to just your life. Don't let her scare you," Scott's said. His dad was right.