93. She Wanted to Major in Sociology

Cloze Test

Tammy came from a poor family. Her mom as a maid, and her dad worked as cashier. Neither of her parents went to college. and her parents shared a room for all her life. She only had 10 pieces of . The family hardly went out to eat. Tammy made fun of a lot at school for poor. She would bring really simple food to like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or and cabbage.

However, Tammy was pretty smart. She accepted by a few colleges. She would be first in her family to go to college. was excited for her first day of college. didn't know what to expect. She knows she to major in Sociology, the study of human . Her parents were proud that she was going college. However, they were concerned about her future. were aware that there weren't many jobs for majors.

They asked Tammy if she would consider like accounting or biology. Tammy said she wouldn't good at it or enjoy it. "I know two want me to make a lot of , but I would be really happy doing sociology," said. Her parents said okay. Tammy did very in college. She was heavily involved on campus volunteered at an orphanage nearby. She also did in her classes, too. Her parents were happy she stuck with sociology.