84. They All Have Different plans

Cloze Test

Phyllis and her friends graduated about a week . They all have different plans. Phyllis is moving New York for medical school. Tina is staying Los Angeles and working as a medical assistant. is traveling in Europe. Ruby is teaching English China. The four girls have been best friends their first year of college. It was hard all of them to be away from each . However, they accepted that they were going to what would be best for them.

Phyllis was excited than sad. She has always wanted to to New York. She loved the fast-pace lifestyle, skyline, and the subway system. She was also forward to being around people who have the goals as she does. Unlike Phyllis, Tina is a break from school. She wants to have year of work experience before going to medical . She is excited to take it easy. Lori excited, too. She was going to travel by , and she was okay with that. She plans visit England, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and more. is more nervous about moving. She has never to China before and does not speak Chinese. is excited for her job though. She loves and seeing students' faces light up when they something.

Although the four of them will be , they promised to keep in contact with each through video chat. They agreed that they will talk on Fridays at 8 p.m. They also to meet up for big events, such as and holidays.