81. Having a Hard time Getting Hired

Cloze Test

Diana wanted to be a model. She went a lot of casting calls. She wanted to hired to walk as a runway model. She wanted to do advertisements, but those were harder get. Diana had a hard time getting hired she looked a lot like another model named . Amy was an established model who has done advertisements, commercials, and fashion shows. She was very . People did not want to hire Diana because was already an Amy.

Diana thought she looked though. She thought her face was more round. was also skinnier. Diana went to an audition a Gucci commercial. Gucci is an expensive clothing accessories brand. At the audition, Diana spotted Amy. fact, Diana was right after her. There was way she was going to get hired. After finished her audition, Diana went up to the . "Wow, didn't you just do your audition?" the director asked. "No, that was Amy. I'm Diana," said.

Diana performed her audition. She thought she a good job. She did all the right . She knew she looked great, but she was about Amy. A couple weeks later, Diana got call from the casting director saying that she hired. "Just curious, what made you guys want hire me over Amy?" Diana asked. "We wanted new. Amy is everywhere," he said. Diana was happy. She celebrated by buying herself a necklace.