75. To Enter the Pie-Eating Contest

Cloze Test

Earl used to be overweight. He managed to fifteen pounds in two years though. He is proud of himself. One day he went to county fair where there were a ferris wheel, coasters, games, food, and contests. This was Earl's time at the county fair. He was with cousins. They first went on the ferris wheel. loved it, because he got to see the from above. Everything and everyone looked so small. , Earl and his cousins went to a ring-toss . Earl was really good at it. He even the grand prize - a huge stuffed dolphin. gave it to his youngest cousin.

Earl and cousins walked around. Earl was getting hungry. He a cotton candy booth. He was tempted to one, but he was doing so good on diet. There were a lot of good foods as corn dog, chili cheese fries, pizza, and cookies. There was no healthy food though. Earl his cousins kept walking around. They noticed a for a pie-eating contest. Whoever could eat the pies would win a $50 gift certificate to -O, a popular pie place in the county. Earl's encouraged him to enter the contest. Earl was for eating fast.

Earl said it would be for his health, but he entered the contest . He felt like he deserved some pie. Earl up winning the competition. He gave the gift to the cousin who motivated him to lose .