72. Not to Give Any Spoilers

Cloze Test

Everyone at Jefferson High School was reading How Save a Life, which was a book about student's journey in medical school. The book got popular around the United States. It will become movie some time in 2021. Some students were of others in the book. Some students were done with the book. Laura was halfway through the book. She really liked it and could put it down. She just finished the chapter the main character falls in love with a who is dying of cancer.

Laura's friends already the book, so she told them not to any spoilers. Spoilers are parts of the story reveal important details before a person gets to part of the story. Spoilers ruin the fun not knowing. It's like knowing how a movie when you are just starting to watch the . Laura's friend was about to say something about book, but Laura stopped her. "No spoilers, guys! want to enjoy this book," she said.

Laura reading the book on the bus. A couple the bus started talking about the book. Laura to panic. She put on her headphones and to music throughout the entire bus ride. Laura reading the book when she got home. Her came into her room. "That is such a book! I'm so glad you're reading it. Have got to the part when the main character told she also has cancer?" her mom said. "! I'm only halfway!" Laura exclaimed. Her mom apologized. put the book back in her bookshelf and touched it again.