71. Homecoming Queen (2)

Cloze Test

Deborah is running for Homecoming Queen at the school she just transferred to a few days . Deborah and Sarah put up posters. The poster a picture of Deborah with her list of and characteristics. Deborah was a pageant contestant a years ago, a 4.0 student, and a volunteer the animal shelter. Classmates came up to Deborah school to tell her how great she was. thanked them.

Sarah came up to Deborah after . "Hi, I'm Sarah. Look, I wanted to give some advice. I think you should drop out the Homecoming race. You're a new student," she . "I know and I think that this is great opportunity to get to meet people. I've met so many people since running for Homecoming ," Deborah said. "Don't say I didn't warn you," said.

Deborah wore a long gold dress to . Her parents were so proud of her and took a lot of pictures of their daughter. went to Homecoming with Kimberly and some other . The Homecoming dance was inside the gym. It decorated nicely. Deborah danced with her friends. A asked Deborah to dance, but she said no. , the principal came out on the stage. He going to announce the Homecoming Queen and King. " Homecoming Queen is.... Deborah!" he said. Deborah was surprised. People cheered for her and said kind . Sarah rolled her eyes and left the dance. went up to the stage and made a about taking chances. She was off to a start at her new school.